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The Vets - S/T & Ad Infinitum (CD)


Option to pick up one or both of the Vets albums.

Debut release for this heavy, art rock trio out of Minneapolis.

Track Listing: Scars Run Up The Flagpole | Equilateral Angel | Bodies At Rest | Monorail | Manifest | A Brief Verse, It Completes You | Sassahol | History Never... | Paper

Ad Infinitum

Hand screen printed sleeves on a heavy black card stock paper with silver ink.

Track Listing: Time Ghost | Clara Phelps | Raging Scathe | Journey | The Great Indoors | The Vets | Imaginary Fortress

The Vets are Adam who plays in STNNNG, Andy who also played in Whitesand Badlands. Drumming was split by Ryan parsons and Adam Patterson. Think heavy, art rock akin to Sonic Youth and Unwound.