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Justin Courtney Pierre "My Girl Margot" 7"


Special, limited, 7″ single from Justin Courtney Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) on translucent blue vinyl. Manufactured in France. 548 total.

Originally only available during Justin’s 2018 US Tour, as part of a VIP experience, the remaining records are being sold with all proceeds going to Dissonance, a non-profit organization which focuses on creating safe spaces to learn and talk about the intersection of mental health and creativity. Read more about them here:

MAXIMUM 2 RECORDS PER CUSTOMER! If you attempt to buy under different names to send to the same address, we will cancel and refund your order.

A – My Girl Margot (Ma Pote Margot)
B – Everything That Hurts (Toue Ce Qui Fait Mal)

Everything That Hurts is a track Justin wrote for friends at Everyone Is Gay for their The Gayest Compilation Ever Made Vol 2 album. It deals with mental health and was previously only available in digital format. My Girl Margot is unreleased.