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Signal To Trust "Albatross Sessions (Cass) - Ships now!


In the year 2000 Signal To Trust was Dave Storberg, Pete Biasi, Jonathon Warnberg, and Brandon Onward (Rouse). This version of the band self-released a CDEP summer 2000 and recorded an album at Albatross Studio with Mike Wisti in the fall of 2000. Until now, these songs had not been released publicly. We're proud to be co-releasing this document of an incredible band with our long-time and dear friends from This Ain't Heaven Recording Concern (Wichita, Kansas) and Snappy Little Numbers (Denver. Colorado).

Track Listing:
D, D, Don't Go Back
My Walkman Goes Loud
Planes, Trains, and Fucking Ships
I Don't Want To Be A Waist
A Letter To The Editors
Pacing, Pacing, Pacing
Fast Track
The Overlord Within
The Ultimate Nullifier
Yellow Soldiers
Brushing My Teeth is Boring