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Signal To Trust - Golden Armour (2xLP)

Image of Signal To Trust - Golden Armour (2xLP)


Ornate and beautiful package designed and hand screen printed by Dan Black of Landland. Features 4 panel fold out, double LP cover on red paper. 5 colors, (dark red, gray, gold) on front, 2 color (dark red, gray) on back. Limited pressing of 272 each hand numbered. Design and printing by Dan Black at Each package includes cutout elements to assemble your very own diorama. Vinyl comes with the CD.
Former members of the Misfires

Track Listing:
1. A Young Girl's Heart is Broken in the Future
2. The Herald
3. Horse Thief
4. Fleets at Jutland Bank
5. Cosmic Cube
6. Seaspray
7. Silver Coast
8. Now the Mouse is Freezing
9. Brasilou Offensive
10. Beneath a Sea of Corrupted Dreams
11. Golden
12. Now We Got What You Got