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Sicbay - The Firelit S'Coughs (LP)

Image of Sicbay - The Firelit S'Coughs (LP)


Limited, one time pressing of the band's debut album, never before available on vinyl. Hand screen printed cover and art by Josh Mead.

"Sicbay's Nick Sakes is a cult hero to enthusiasts of underground Midwestern noise rock. He played guitar and sang for Dazzling Killmen and Colossamite, both well-respected acts who toured extensively and released multiple records on the Skin Graft label. Sicbay's sound combines the dissonance and rhythmic experimentation of Sakes' previous projects with a new focus on melody and concise songs."

"After the dissolution of Colossamite in the late '90s, Sakes began playing with a second guitarist, his longtime friend and fellow Minneapolis resident, Dave Erb. Ed Rodriguez, who played guitar in Colossamite and who has also played with Iceburn and the Gorge Trio, taught himself to play drums for the project, now known as Sicbay." - Henry M. Shteamer (

Side A:
Listening To Sound
3 Hours
Who Wrote The Night ?
Right Eye, Left Eye
The Sighting

Side B:
Sink The Town
Candlelight Lipstick