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Deluxe Edition - Dope Walker - Save Save - Limited Quantities


Debut album by Dope Walker "Save Save" plus a limited edition t-shirt & two Dope Walker related 12" vinyl releases on Modern Radio: Keep The Fuzz Off My Buzz (feat. exclusive tracks by William Elliott Whitmore) & FT(The Shadow Government) & The Plastic Constellations "Crusades". Don't be surprised if some extra goodies show up in the final package as well. Deluxe package limited to 50. Shipping late July

T-shirt text design is a hand-lettered illustration by William Elliott Whitmore. T-shirt quantities are currently very low and not all sizes may be available at a given time.

Debut Dope Walker album. Featuring William Elliot Whitmore, Joel Anderson (Ten Grand/Vida Blue/ FT(The Shadow Government/Tornavalanche), Jeff Allen (The Plastic Constellations / Tyte Jeff), Aaron Mader (Doomtree Records / Lazerbeak / The Plastic Constellations) and Mike Schulte (Brian Jones/The Pork Tornadoes) A project by friends who have played together and stayed close for over 20 years.